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This range of ladies Halloween costumes brings you some great ideas for an unusual and eye catching look.  As well as vampires you'll find ghosts, evil clowns and other twisted takes on regular costumes.  Search for your size.  We sell all year round.

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  1. Cirque Sinister Bo Bo The Clown Costume

    Cirque Sinister - Bo Bo The Clown

    At Halloween become a demented clown. You'll still be gorgeous but you'll have that dark twisted edge and bang-on-trend sinister circus look everyone is after. Learn More
    Code: 190-75-P
  2. Gothic Manor Ghost Bride - Dress, Veil, Bouquet

    Ladies: Gothic Manor Ghost Bride (Large)

    The pale lilac of this Halloween Wedding dress give it an ethereal ghostly appearance. Learn More
    Code: 197-412
  3. Gothic Manor Countess Nocturna

    Gothic Manor - Countess Nocturna

    Become the elegant and sinister hostess, Countess Nocturna, at the castle. Learn More
    Code: 197-44-P
  4. Broken Doll Dress with tights and bow

    Ladies Adult Broken Doll Dress

    A pretty eerie black and white broken doll dress for Halloween. Learn More
    Code: 194-90-P
  5. Burlesque Victorian Vampiress

    Burlesque Victorian Vampiress

    A vampiress costume from the golden age of bloodsucking, the 1800s. Learn More
    Code: 190-62-P
  6. Ladies Halloween: Cemetery Angel Cement (Medium)

    Ladies Halloween: Cemetery Angel Cement (Medium)

    The angels in the graveyard are coming to life and they are chasing you. A whole generation of Dr Who fans will be shaking in their boots. Learn More
    Code: 190-790
  7. Madame Vamp

    Madame Vampire

    Become a beautiful and dangerous Victorian vampiress from the theatre district of Old London Town. Learn More
    Code: 190-83-P
  8. Ladies Vampire Mistress Costume

    Value Costume: Female Vampire Mistress

    Sexy and evil, have you been bitten by the Vampire Bug? Learn More
    Code: 190-956
  9. Bewitched Value Costume

    Value Costume: Bewitched

    You'll look stunning in this black dress with red detail. Learn More
    Code: 190-967
  10. XL Vampires costume

    Fuller Figure Victorian Vampiress

    A generous cut with great Halloween style Learn More
    Code: 191-032

Items 1 to 10 of 40 total

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