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Ancient History

Become a beautiful Goddess in one or our Roman or Greek Ladies' costumes, or what about a Viking Queen?  You can go back further in time to the caveman days too.  Great fancy dress costumes for a variety of party themes from our distant past.

Don't ask me any questions about history though, I just do the get-ups. And since we don't really know what they got up to at a party you are free to behave any way you like. I got most of my ancient history from Asterix books and now they tell the Roman’s didn’t lie down to eat a meal. If you were planning a Roman party I doubt if anyone would mind eating their ocelot ear lobes whilst reclining on the DFS. Just make sure there is plenty wine flowing and try to party some distance from any suspicious volcanoes.

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  1. Jungle lady

    Adult Costume: Jungle Lady

    This is a great value jungle lady costume which has become very popular after an appearance on Big Brother 2009. Learn More
    Code: 197-373
  2. Value Ancient Woman Costume

    Value Costume: Goddess of Beauty

    From the mists of time comes a woman so beautiful people called her a Goddess. Learn More
    Code: 191-229
  3. Value Cleopatra Costume

    Value Costume: Cleopatra

    Egypt's legendary Queen of the Nile. Learn More
    Code: 191-241
  4. Value Goddess Athena Costume

    Value Costume: Goddess Athena (Adult)

    Feel like a Goddess when you look like a Goddess. Learn More
    Code: 192-264
  5. Cleopatra Costume

    Value Costume: Cleopatra Queen of Nile

    This dress is complete with armbands and headdress so it's a great choice for a quick costume. Learn More
    Code: 193-008
  6. Adult Costume: Unisex Toga (Plus Size)

    Adult Costume: Unisex Toga (Plus Size)

    This generous toga works for women and men and is ideal for all you Roman gods out there. Learn More
    Code: 196-344
  7. Toga for women

    Toga for Women

    Drape yourself in this simple toga and golden sash fancy dress and you'll look the part for the toga party. Learn More
    Code: 196-731
  8. Egyptian Princess

    Ladies Costume: Egyptian Princess (Medium)

    Short and sexy Egyptian princess costume. You will have the eyes of the people upon you when you rule wearing this hot Cleopatra costume. Learn More
    Code: 197-281
  9. Pre Historic Girl

    Pre Historic Girl

    Stylish cave girl costume. Not short enough? Get your prehistoric scissors out and cut to length. Learn More
    Code: 197-74-P
  10. Ladies Sexy Venus Costume

    Sexy Venus

    You really will feel like a goddess in this gorgeous Venus mini dress. Learn More
    Code: 202-27-P

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