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Costumes for Nativity plays. We've got shepherds, Wise Men, Sheep, Mary and Joseph. The Nativity Play is the story of a Christian Christmas as played by children and is sooooo cute. 

For even more ideas, why not look at our section for Kids Animal Costumes.

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  1. Child Mary Costume

    Mary - Nativity Costume

    Your Mary will look so angelic in this baby blue robe at the nativity. Learn More
    Code: 195-80-P
  2. Childs Costume: Mary with Headpiece

    Childs Costume: Mary with Headpiece

    This simple virgin blue tabard with white headdress reflects the purity of Mary as she travels to Bethlehem. Learn More
    Code: 197-801
  3. King Balthazar - Wise Man Nativity Costume

    Balthazar - Wise Man

    They travelled afar, following a star. The Three Wise Men can't be left out of the Nativity. These sumptuous looking costumes make it clear which characters they are. Learn More
    Code: 195-84-P
  4. Childs Animal Tabard: Lamb

    Childs Animal Tabard: Lamb

    Be a little lamb in this woolly fancy dress tabard. Learn More
    Code: 196-167
  5. Nativity Shepherd - White Gown and Headpiece

    Shepherd White

    Get your shepherd ready to watch the flocks this nativity. Learn More
    Code: 195-82-P
  6. Reindeer Jumpsuit

    Reindeer Jumpsuit

    A cute reindeer costume which could be used for a variety of animals after Christmas. Learn More
    Code: 197-70-P
  7. Childs Shepherd Costume

    Shepherd Blue Costume

    Childs Blue Shepherd Costume for the Christmas Nativity. Learn More
    Code: 100-831
  8. Childs Angel Costume


    Every time a bell rings an angel gets it's wings. Learn More
    Code: 191-55-P
  9. Childs Shepherd Costume

    Childs Shepherd Costume

    Childrens Nativity Shepherd Costume also for Joseph or Inn Keeper Learn More
    Code: 194-96-P
  10. Joseph - Nativity Costume

    Joseph - Nativity Costume

    Get Joseph ready to go to Bethlehem in this blue and ochre robe and hat. Learn More
    Code: 195-81-P

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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