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Ancient History

Roman Egyptian and Ancient Greek costumes for boys and girls.  These costumes are perfect for school dressing up days, drama productions and assemblies.  We deliver fast and have lots to choose from.

We have emperors like Caesar, soldiers, like Mark Anthony, a whole pantheon of gods like Zeus, Athena, Hera, Apollo and my favourite Hades, lord of the underworld. Some items are simply costume tabards which make dressing up effortless. Just pull them over your own clothes.

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  1. Caesar Costume

    Caesar Costume


    This Roman costume will give your little boy a regal air and you can remove the cloak and belt if required. Learn More
    Code: 410-51-P
  2. Ancient Goddess

    Ancient Goddess


    This is a perfect pretty goddess costume which works for Roman and Greek days at school. Learn More
    Code: 410-50-P
  3. Childs Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

    Egyptian Pharaoh


    Ideal costume for Egyptian day at school or for playing the Pharaoh in a stage production. Learn More
    Code: 196-35-P
  4. Kids Value Aphrodite Costume



    Dress as a Great Lady from Roman Times. Learn More
    Code: 191-46-P
  5. Childs Costume: Egyptian Princess (6-9 Yrs)

    Childs Costume: Egyptian Princess (6-9 Yrs)


    A black Egyptian Princess shift dress with all the accessories. Learn More
    Code: 194-009
  6. Athena Goddess

    Athena Goddess

    Regular Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £17.99

    Our most Goddess like Roman costume for girls ever, complete with arm cuffs, a snake bangle and golden headband. Learn More
    Code: 194-74-P
  7. Kids Value Roman Emperor Costume

    Roman Emperor


    Caesar started his campaign as a young man. Learn More
    Code: 191-45-P
  8. Girls Egyptian Costume

    Egyptian Girl


    Spend a day with the Ancient Egyptians dressed in this beautiful Egyptian Girl's costume. Learn More
    Code: 193-88-P
  9. Kids Value Goddess Costume



    Why not meddle in the affairs of man? Learn More
    Code: 191-44-P
  10. Roman Soldier Tabard with Headpiece

    Childs Tabard: Roman Soldier (5-9 Yrs)


    Slip on your armour and you're ready to invade Britain, again. Learn More
    Code: 196-115

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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