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From peasant mop cap to Egyptian Headdress, we stock a wide selection of historical hats designed to give you a close to authentic look for your history themed fancy dress costume.

With historical hats and headwear styles taken from as far back as the Roman Empire through to WW2 Biggles style Helmets, SillyJokes has most historical costume hats in stock. View our full range of historical hats, caps & bonnets below and see if we have something that meets your requirements.

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  1. Viking Helmet With Horns

    Viking Hat Plastic

    Pillage that village. Learn More
    Code: 100-346
  2. Black Felt Tricorn Hat

    Black Felt Tricorn Hat

    Black Tricorn Hat for Historic Fancy Dress Learn More
    Code: 100-830
  3. 1920s cloche hat

    Black 1920s Cloche Hat

    This style of cloche hat was popular in the 1920s and so works well for Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey and Jazz age parties Learn More
    Code: 197-866
  4. Musketeer Hat - Black Felt with Feather

    Musketeer Hat - Black Felt with Feather

    This musketeer hat is great for a variety of historical figures including pirates and cavaliers as well as the famous four of D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos. Learn More
    Code: 110-064
  5. Dunce Cap

    Dunce Hat or Cap

    White Conical Dunce Cap Learn More
    Code: 329-044
  6. Straw Boater

    Straw Boater Hat

    "I say Old Man, fancy a punt?" Learn More
    Code: 100-130
  7. Pirate hat with hair and beads

    Pirate Hat with Hair and Beads

    If you want to look a bit like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean who am I to stop you? Learn More
    Code: 033-021
  8. Viking Gunnar Hat

    Gunnar Fabric Viking Hat

    Fun fabric Viking Hat with padded horns and lace detail Learn More
    Code: 100-816
  9. Brown Felt Top Hat

    Steampunk Brown Top Hat

    This brown top hat is perfect for Steampunk fancy dress due to it's colour and style. Learn More
    Code: 033-016
  10. Adults Flat Cap

    Adult Flat Cap

    Great value adult sized flat cap for fancy dress. Learn More
    Code: 022-085

Items 1 to 10 of 59 total

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