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Crowns and Tiaras

Perfect for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, our range of fancy dress crowns and tiaras are the best way to finish any regal outfit. Available in a range of styles our crowns and tiaras should ensure you are treated like royalty no matter the occasion.

View our full range of fancy dress crowns and tiaras below, including Birthday Tiaras for special occasions.

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  1. King Crown

    Gold Crown (King)


    Prince Charles' most wanted accessory. Learn More
    Code: 100-009
  2. Childs Size - Golden Kings Crown

    Gold Kings Crown (Childs)


    A shiny jewelled crown with padding for the Royalty in your group. Learn More
    Code: 190-044
  3. Flashing 50th Birthday Tiara

    Tiara: Flashing 50th Birthday


    Fun and silly, just the thing for someone who takes life's milestone birthdays in her stride. Learn More
    Code: 790-149
  4. Tiara: Flashing 40th Birthday

    Tiara: Flashing 40th Birthday


    For that very special birthday. You wouldn't want your 40th to slip by with no one noticing. Learn More
    Code: 790-151
  5. Fabric king's crown

    Fabric Crown with Braid


    Fabric king's crown made of velvet and fake ermine fur, embellished with sequin braid. Learn More
    Code: 197-862
  6. Jewelled Crown

    Crown Silver Jewelled


    Tops off any princess outfit. Learn More
    Code: 190-031
  7. Flashing 30th Birthday Tiara

    Tiara: Flashing 30th Birthday


    Make your 30th Birthday really special with an attention grabbing tiara - go on, be a princess for the day. Learn More
    Code: 790-148
  8. Pope Hat

    Pope Hat


    Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Well he does when he comes to SillyJokes. Learn More
    Code: 197-895
  9. 21stBirthday Flashing Tiara

    Tiara: Flashing 21st Birthday


    The party girl will look fabulous in this funky flashing fluffy tiara. Learn More
    Code: 790-145
  10. Tiara: Flashing 60th Birthday

    Tiara: Flashing 60th Birthday


    Is your Birthday girl sixty years old? This tiara will make her feel really special. Learn More
    Code: 790-225

Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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