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SillyJokes has a wide selection of toy weapons to choose from ranging from toy and replica guns to knives, swords and blades and even ninja nunchuks!

Why not accessorise your fancy dress costumes with one of our great toy weapons - whether you are a cowboy, a pirate or a caveman. Suitable for kids and adults alike, our toy weapons are ideal for fancy dress parties, pantomime props or stag and hen parties.

Browse our range of toy weapons below and buy online.

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  1. Giant Barbers Razor

    Giant Cut Throat Razor

    Novelty giant plastic Cut Throat razor Learn More
    Code: 024-441
  2. Indian Tomahawk Weapon

    Indian Tomahawk Weapon

    Decorated tomahawk prop for Native American fancy dress. Learn More
    Code: 203-171
  3. Inflatable Tommy Gun

    Inflatable Tommy Gun 80cm

    Inflatable Tommy gun for fancy dress and Gangster dressing up Learn More
    Code: 301-012
  4. Inflatable Light Stick - Sold Singly

    Inflatable Light Sticks

    Inflatable Light Stick for intergalactic battles ...... vruuuummmm Learn More
    Code: 301-023
  5. Big Foamed Headed Hammer

    Giant Foam Hammer 58cm

    I defy anyone seeing this massive foam hammer to not want one. Learn More
    Code: 302-175
  6. Pirate Hook

    Pirate Hook

    Just don't forget you've got it and rub your eye. Learn More
    Code: 500-300
  7. Inflatable club 60cm

    Inflatable Club 60cm

    Imagine the fun you can have with a big fierce looking club which turns out to be a harmless inflatable toy? Learn More
    Code: 301-013
  8. Foam Headed Mallet

    Foam Headed Mallet 38cm

    A foam headed mallet and a squeaky handle - bliss. Learn More
    Code: 302-176
  9. Cowboy Click Pistol

    Cowboy Click Pistol

    Here's a lovely fancy dress cowboy gun at a completely brilliant price. Learn More
    Code: 203-108
  10. Axe In The Head Prop

    Axe In the Head Prop

    A fun prop for the zombie apocalypse. Even Zombies have a sense of humour. Learn More
    Code: 440-174

Items 1 to 10 of 60 total

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