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Whether you are looking for hen party outfits, stag night forfeits or simply looking to stock up your fancy dress box, our range of fancy dress tutus are the perfect option. Available in a wide range of vivid and neon colours, our tutus will brighten up any party or event whether worn by themselves or over leggings.

View our full range of tutus below.

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  1. Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Pink

    Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Pink

    This pretty pink petticoat will give your skirt extra fullness. Learn More
    Code: 100-213
  2. Cat Tutu with Tail

    Black Cat Tutu with Tail

    Meow, Black Cat Tutu with Tail for sexy pussy cat fancy dress. Learn More
    Code: 100-673
  3. Neon Green Tutu

    Tutu - Neon Green

    Bright neon green frilly tutu. Learn More
    Code: 100-791
  4. Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Black

    Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Black

    Give your costume skirt extra frills and fullness with this black petticoat. Learn More
    Code: 100-801
  5. Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Red

    Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - Red

    Add fullness and a frilly thrill to your costume with this red underskirt. Learn More
    Code: 100-802
  6. Burlesque Tutu Pink

    Burlesque Tutu - Pink

    Give yourself a showgirl twist in this pretty pink burlesque style tutu. Learn More
    Code: 100-810
  7. Tutu with Diamante Sparkles

    Tutu with Diamante Sparkles

    Here's a tutu with extra sparkle for all you twinkle toes out there. Learn More
    Code: 100-78-P
  8. White Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt

    Crinoline Petticoat / Underskirt - White

    Use this white petticoat to add volume to your costume skirt. Learn More
    Code: 100-800

8 Item(s)

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