Do you need something silly?


Look the part with our carefully chosen selection of fancy dress ties. From novelty bow ties to gangster style kipper ties, our range of fancy dress ties are sure to add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume.

View our full range of affordable fancy dress ties below.

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  1. Spinning Bow Tie

    Spinning Bow Tie

    A spinning bow tie. A SPINNING BOW TIE. My life is complete. Learn More
    Code: 020-071
  2. Bootlace Tie

    Bootlace Ties Ast.

    For Cowboys and Teddy Boys Learn More
    Code: 500-315
  3. Gangster Tie

    Gangster Tie

    You dirty rat! Learn More
    Code: 500-36-P
  4. School Boy Hat and Tie

    School Boy Kit - Hat and Tie (asst. colours)

    Get one of these school boy cap and tie sets and go back to the happiest days of your life. Learn More
    Code: 170-007
  5. Red Flashing Bow Tie

    Flashing Bow Tie Red

    Red flashing lights on a satiny red bowtie - debonair! Learn More
    Code: 120-029
  6. Bow-Tie Red Satin

    Bow-Tie Red Satin

    This inexpensive red bow tie is plain and simple yet quite a snazzy choice of colour. Learn More
    Code: 500-347
  7. Skinny Tie

    Skinny Tie

    Skinny ties are a great favourite with Blues bands, Brit pop bands and general skinny jean lovers. Learn More
    Code: 500-38-P
  8. Large Red floppy Bow TIe

    Hat Cat Red Bow tie

    Floppy Red Bow-Tie for cats, penguins and fancy dress Learn More
    Code: 120-047
  9. Silver glitter tie

    Jumbo Glitter Tie Silver

    This massive glittery tie will certainly make you stand out at the big meeting with the CEO. Learn More
    Code: 020-537
  10. Western Gambler

    Bow Tie Western Gambler

    James Garner eat your heart out. Learn More
    Code: 500-316

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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