Do you need something silly?


SillyJokes offers a wide range of party props to suit any fun occasion. Whether you want to put the finishing touches to a fancy dress costume or just make someone smile we've got something for everyone.

Our witches broom is ideal for Halloween costumes. Or how about a feather parrot to accompany a pirate costume?

And the old gags are still the best, which is why we have rubber chickens and clown horns available too! Browse our party props section below and buy online today.

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  1. Inflatable Rock Guitar

    Inflatable Rock Guitar


    Black and red flame inflatable guitar. Learn More
    Code: 090-086
  2. Silver Ball Cane

    Silver Ball Topped Cane


    Gentleman's Silver Ball Walking Cane. Learn More
    Code: 140-065
  3. Inflatable Candy Cane 90cm

    Inflatable Candy Cane 90cm


    A fun Christmas prop for decoration, window display or photo booth prop during the festive season Learn More
    Code: 301-016
  4. Inflatable Union Jack Guitar

    Inflatable Guitar Union Jack


    Union Jack design Inflatable Rock Guitar - UK Air Guitar Learn More
    Code: 301-026
  5. Hermione Granger's Wand

    Hermione Granger Wand


    Hermione Granger Wand - Harry Potter Learn More
    Code: 410-477
  6. Clapperboard



    Aaaaaaaand Cut! Learn More
    Code: 500-200
  7. Harry Potter Tie

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Tie


    Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie Learn More
    Code: 410-479
  8. Inflatable boom box

    Inflatable Boom Box 44cm x 38cm


    In the 1980s the bigger your boom box the better and the more knobs and bits on it the better. Learn More
    Code: 301-010
  9. Genie Lamp

    Aladdins Lamp


    No wishing for more wishes. Learn More
    Code: 500-240
  10. Stunt Streamer Dance Ribbon

    Rainbow Stunt Streamer Dance Ribbon


    Whirl Twirl and Swirl amazing patterns in the air as you dance with this adjustable Dance Ribbon. Play the rainbow all about you. Learn More
    Code: 024-435

Items 1 to 10 of 73 total

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