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Blood and FX

Whether you are looking for fake blood as a practical joke or if you are looking to ensure the best possible effect for a theatrical performance, SillyJokes are on hand with our selection of fake blood and special effect accessories.

Depending upon the injury you are trying to portray, we offer a selection of special effects that will help including our Snazaroo Theatre Fake Blood which gives a realistic drip effect for a fresh injury or for a really gory event try our large bottle of blood which can be used to style sets or costumes.

View our full range of fake blood special effects below.

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  1. Horror Makeup: Bloody Scab

    Horror Makeup: Bloody Scab


    Dries like real scabs.....mmmmm lovely. Don't pick! Learn More
    Code: 400-904
  2. Spirit Gum

    Spirit Gum and Remover


    Do not loose the remover! Learn More
    Code: 400-059
  3. Fake Skin Latex

    Liquid Latex Fake Skin


    Creates skin effects from warts to peeling skin. Learn More
    Code: 400-057
  4. Woochie See No Evil

    See No Evil - Woochie Prosthetic


    See No Evil, theatrical latex prosthetic SFX Make up appliance Learn More
    Code: 120-088
  5. 1 Pint Bottle Of Blood

    Bottle Of Blood 473.18ml


    Get gory with this bottle of realistic blood. Learn More
    Code: 024-101
  6. FX Wax

    Snazaroo FX Wax 18ml


    Use to create wounds, bullet holes and other gory skin effects. Small tub. Learn More
    Code: 400-034
  7. Two Boils

    Boils (2)


    Twin peaks of pustular perfection. Learn More
    Code: 400-801
  8. Dark Drying Zombie Dlood

    Tinsley Transfers Dark Drying Zombie Blood FX


    Dark Drying Zombie Blood. Learn More
    Code: 404-013
  9. Zombie M.D. Mask

    Zombie M.D. Mask


    Surgical style face mask with exposed rubber zombie mouth and blood detail Learn More
    Code: 024-446
  10. Universal Horns Small

    Universal Horns Small - Woochie Appliance


    Woochie small universal horns for Satyr, Faun and other horned beasts Learn More
    Code: 120-084

Items 1 to 10 of 79 total

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