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Make Up, Face Paint

If you are looking to get a unique look or planning a face painting day, we have a wide selection of makeup related accessories and face painting kits.

Within our Makeup, FX and Face Paint range, we have everything you will need for a professional type makeup kit complete with realistic blood effects and face paint from leading brand Snazaroo. We also have a range of Fund Raising Tips for those looking to put on some form of face painting event to raise cash.

Browse our wide range below or select a category from the Shopping Options in the left hand menu.

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  1. Spirit Gum

    Spirit Gum and Remover

    Do not loose the remover! Learn More
    Code: 400-059
  2. Dental Disasters

    Dental Disasters - 4 Funny Teeth

    Give your mouth a make over with this set for four different ugly teeth. Learn More
    Code: 120-066
  3. Zombie Intestines - Bleeding Guts

    Zombie Intestines - Bleeding Guts

    Give yourself some exposed guts and watch as the blood oozes over. A dead cert for Halloween zombies. Learn More
    Code: 194-736
  4. Two Boils

    Boils (2)

    Twin peaks of pustular perfection. Learn More
    Code: 400-801
  5. Theatrical Hair with Adhesive

    Theatrical Hair with Adhesive

    Give yourself a hairy makeover with this theatrical hair. Learn More
    Code: 400-14-P
  6. Universal Horns Large

    Universal Horns Large - Woochie Appliance

    Woochie large universal horns for Demons, Satyr, Faun and other horned beasts Learn More
    Code: 120-085
  7. Zombie Rotten Flesh Effect 3D Make up

    3D Zombie Face Rot FX Transfers

    A collection of rotten face make up for zombies at Halloween. Learn More
    Code: 404-008
  8. Oozing Wounds, pk3

    Oozing Wounds - Woochie Prosthetic

    Oozing Wounds, 3 latex wound effects by Woochie Learn More
    Code: 120-080
  9. Screwed Up latex wound

    Screwed Up - Woochie Prosthetic

    Screwed Up, prosthetic wound effect by Woochie Learn More
    Code: 120-077
  10. 1 Pint Bottle Of Blood

    Bottle Of Blood 473.18ml

    Get gory with this bottle of realistic blood. Learn More
    Code: 024-101

Items 1 to 10 of 168 total

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