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At SillyJokes, we believe we have some of the best fancy dress jewellery on the planet. Our range is sure to contain something that will finish of your outfit perfectly and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

View our full range of fancy dress jewellery below.

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  1. Heavy Gold Chain Necklace

    Heavy Gold Chain Necklace

    Wear this gold chain on it's own or wear lots together to create even more over the top bling. Learn More
    Code: 110-177
  2. Inflatable Clock Nekclace

    Inflatable Jumbo Clock Medallion 23cm

    An inflatable giant clock necklace for fancy dress Gangsta Rappers or White Rabbit pocket watch. Learn More
    Code: 301-004
  3. Jumbo rapper's chain with dollar

    Jumbo Rapper Gold Chain and Dollar Necklace

    Enormous gold chain and dollar medallion as worn by rappers and their fans. You'll be looking fine with this amount of gold around your neck, showing off your considerable wealth and intimidating people with less ostentatious jewellery. Learn More
    Code: 110-182
  4. Jumbo Clock Medallion

    Jumbo Clock Medallion

    A giant clock medallion for Gangstas or an enormous pocket watch for the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Learn More
    Code: 500-249
  5. Golden Dollar Medallion

    Medallion Dollar Necklace

    Completes a Rap Star or Pimp look. Learn More
    Code: 110-102
  6. Jewelled Dollar Medallion

    Jewelled Dollar Medallion

    This Dollar sign necklace will dazzle with it's sparkly jewelled surface. Learn More
    Code: 110-175
  7. Adults Roman Wrist Cuff (Single)

    Adults Roman Wrist Cuff (Single)

    Ornate Roman wrist band for ladies and gentlemen. Learn More
    Code: 500-407
  8. Charleston Beads 72 inches

    Charleston Beads 72 inches

    Finish off your Roaring Twenties look with a long string of beads Learn More
    Code: 110-160
  9. Chunky Gold Bracelet

    Chunky Gold Chain Gangster Bracelet

    Wear this gold chain on your wrist for blinged-up fancy dress . Learn More
    Code: 790-347
  10. Combat Hero Medals (Multi)

    Combat Hero Medals (Multi)

    A row of three medals as awarded by dictators to themselves. Learn More
    Code: 329-036

Items 1 to 10 of 54 total

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