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Ears and Horns

If you really want to stand out from the crowd at your next fancy dress party, our range of fancy dress ears are the accessory for you. From wolf ears to bull horns, our selection of animal ears are sure to give that true wildlife look.

View our full range of animal ears and other fake ears below for more information or for a bit of extra inspiration.

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  1. Fantasy Deer Antlers

    Fantasy Deer Antlers Headband

    Doe, a deer, a female deer. Pretty Deer antlers and ears on a floral headband Learn More
    Code: 329-076
  2. Ears - Hares on Headband

    Ears - Hares on Headband

    Look no further, finally a pair of brown Hare Ears which will help transform you into the Mad March Hare. Learn More
    Code: 410-127
  3. Jumbo Ears on Headband

    Jumbo Ears on Headband

    Big plastic ears on headband Learn More
    Code: 410-232
  4. Plastic bull horns on child size headband

    Bull Horns on Headband

    Cow or Bull Horns on Headband Learn More
    Code: 410-149
  5. Dayblush Unicorn Wig

    Dayblush Unicorn Wig with Horn and Ears

    Mythical Fantasy fancy dress with this Colourful Unicorn Wig with ears and horn Learn More
    Code: 410-328
  6. Plush White Bunny Ears on Headband

    Plush Bunny Ears (White)

    Furry bunny ears with silky pink lining. Cute. Learn More
    Code: 100-291
  7. Pig Set

    Pig Set Ears Nose and Tail

    A fancy dress Pig Set for children Learn More
    Code: 410-245
  8. Forest Fairy Queen Headband

    Forest Fairy Queen Headband

    Padded Fabric, Female Antlers with Rose Headband and jeweled lace drop to forehead Learn More
    Code: 329-085
  9. Frog eyes on a headband

    Frog Eyes on a Headband

    These frog eyes on a headband are an adorable accessory for friendly amphibians. Learn More
    Code: 410-466
  10. Reindeer Antlers on Headband

    Reindeer Antlers

    Feeling horny? Learn More
    Code: 100-111

Items 1 to 10 of 80 total

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