Do you need something silly?


Whether you require novelty glasses, a tutu or a clown bowtie, we are confident you will find what you are looking for in our extensive range of fancy dress accessories.

Perfect for a wide range of fancy dress costumes, our fancy dress accessories are an affordable way to add those small finishing touches to your fancy dress outfit.

Browse our full range of fancy dress accessories below.

Capes and Robes

Elegant vampire capes and scream robes, royal cloakes and capes for fictional characters.

Fancy Dress Specs


Women make passes at men who wear glasses.



Aloha from Hawaii. Typically Tropical dressing up for Summer Parties and Beach Barbecues.

Miscellaneous fancy dress accessories


Striped tops, tails, braces, cigarette holders and other costume accessories.


Feet and Footwear

Cover your tootsies with appropriate fancy dress shoes.



Ties and bowties for cowboys, clowns, dancers, gangsters and pranksters.



Medallions, necklaces and rings to finish off your outfit.


Beards and Moustaches

Beards, moustaches and side burns to complete your look.



Tutus for fancy dress and adding shape to costumes.



Costume gloves and animal hands for fancy derss.


Child's Silver Plastic Angel Wings

Wings and Wands

For Angels and Fairies, and fallen angels.

Tights and Stockings

Tights and Stockings

Hosiery for women, children and men.



Pick your nose.



Birthday Sashes and Hen Party Sashes for every special person at the party.


Pirate Accessories

Dress up your costume or turn your own stuff into pirate garb with these pirate accessories.


Ears and Horns

All kinds of ears and horns from alien to animal.


Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Realistic temporary tattoos designed by Hollywood make-up artists.

Celebrity Tattoos
Wound Tattoos
Vintage Tattoos
Other Tattoos
Theatrical Makeup and Face Paints

Make Up and Face Paints

All the make-up you need for fund raising and fancy dress.

Face Paint Colours
Face Paint Kits and FX Kits
Blood and FX


BillyBob Teeth

Hideous and Hilarious, fancy dress teeth that will have you and your mates rolling around with laughter.



Toy weapons for fancy dress and party props.



A collection of funny props for fancy dress and parties.


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