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What sex are you?



Where are you usually found at parties?

In the middle of the action, dancing the night away

In the kitchen, hiding

In the kitchen, snaffling the food and swigging the booze

In the middle of a crowd of people, talking loudly

In the garden, staring wistfully at the stars

What do you usually take with you to a party?

Plenty of booze

Nothing, just myself

A friend or two

A gift for the host

Some tasty party snacks

Where do you tend to end up when the party's over?

Unconscious at an unknown location

Asleep amongst the wreckage

In someone else's bed

Safely back at home

Still partying, as the sun comes up

With what do you smite your enemies?

Razor sharp cutlass

Guards!! Smite that person

My trusty pistol

A deadly curse

Smiting is wrong, you should love your enemies

You see a little kitten that has hurt its paw. What do you do?

Hug it and kiss it and make it better

Boil it in a bubbling cauldron

Shoot it. It's the only merciful thing to do

Ignore it. You have better things to do

Blubber uncontrollably

Which of the following types of music would you prefer to be partying to?



Easy Listening


Yuk, none of those

Where do you tend to party?

On the beach

In an elegant ballroom

In a grungy flat

Wherever I happen to be at the time

I have no idea/somewhere else

What's your favourite party activity?



Drinking and eating. Mainly drinking!


I don't actually like parties that much

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